How does pi whales work, and where to find one instantly.

Most people don’t actually know what pi whales are and how important they can be.

Well In this blog post I will be revealing everything you need to know about pi whales and where you can find them.

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What is pi whale and how it works.

don’t get me wrong about whales, it’s different from the ocean whale.

A pi whale preferred to be called a crypto whale is a person, entity, or blockchain wallet that holds an extremely large amount of crypto.

Generally speaking, in order to be labeled a crypto whale, you’ll have to possess around $10 million equivalent in any various cryptocurrency, including BTC, ETH, SOL, ADA, DOT, AVAX, SHIB, DOGE, USDT, and USDC.

However, there are various cut offs as to what is labeled a whale or not, depending on the crypto. Nonetheless, a crypto whale is generally a very rich person or institution moving around large sums of cryptos. So no average joe can be a crypto whale.

For example, a bitcoin (BTC) whale is an entity that owns a large amount of bitcoin, usually a minimum of 1,000 BTC or $10 million and above. A holder could also be an ether (ETH) whale, another altcoin whale or an NFT whale.

The threshold of determining whether an altcoin holder is a whale or not depends on the market size of the coin in question. As such, although $10 million worth of BTC is the threshold for identifying bitcoin whales, the minimum requirement may be lower for altcoins, especially those with small market capitalization.

I normally call whales, risk bearers because they’re ready to hold the coin, despite the coin being a scam or haven’t yet been listed on exchanges.

In most cases people usually sell there are pi coins to the whales in other to have a safe and secured trade.

How to find a legit pi whale.

You can spot whales by checking blockchain explorers for large transactions, as well as social media platforms for updates from whales and accounts that cover whale activity.

But many people still get scammed, because they’re lots of people predicting to be pi whales,
Where by stealing your assets (pi coins),

Imagine someone stole what you have been preserving for years, that will be so horrible.

Anyways looking for the right person (whale) to sell your pi coins to, I actually have some which I’ve been trading mine with, for some couple of months now.

I found this person on Facebook, and ever since then I’ve been selling my pi coins successfully. If you wish access this whale kindly reach out to him on what’sapp visit the link below


You can thank me later.

Why are whales important

The sheer size of the holdings of crypto whales means they can influence price trends intentionally or unintentionally. When whales make big moves, they make waves. which can probably affect the price of crypto.

In conclusion

Crypto Whales play a vital role in blockchain development, the whales can bring about a bull or bear run. Crypto whales have holdings of over millions of dollars, and thus they have the power to control the crypto market freely. 

Thanks for reading.

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