How to grow a successful YouTube channel like Mr beast in 2024.

If you are thinking about starting a YouTube channel in 2024, or maybe you already have a YouTube channel and you are trying to make your videos look like Mr. Beast, Casey Neistat’s, Peter McKinnon, Linus, Marques Brownlee, or maybe PewDiePie, or any other YouTuber that you look up to you are probably asking yourself:

Hmmm…I wonder what video editing software do they use to edit their YouTube videos?

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Mrbeast advice for new content creators 2024.

There are four incredible things that we learned from MrBeast regarding new YouTube channels and one extra thing that completely shocked us.

You may be a smaller channel on YouTube, but we know you want to build a community. monetize your content, get more views, and watch time.  The biggest YouTuber in this world started from zero, and he became the largest creator around today. Who better to give advice about what kickstarted his channel? Here’s the advice he shared that made him a YouTube superstar. Carry on for the tips.

#1 Overcome Analysis Paralyze.

A lot of creators get analysis paralysis, and they’ll just sit there and they’ll plan their first video for three months. For any of you reading, especially if you have zero videos on your channel, your first video is not going to get views.. Your first 10 are not going to get views. So stop sitting there and thinking for months and months on end, and just get to work and start uploading. All you need to do, this applies to people who have not uploaded videos but have dreams of being a YouTuber, is make 100 videos and improve something every time.

#2 Create and Publish 100 Videos.

Imagine you made one YouTube video per week for an entire year. That would be 52 videos for a whole year. Now imagine if you did that for two years. That would be 104 videos. Just think about that. It would take you two years to put out one video a week to hit a minimum of 100 YouTube videos.

You just have to start and accept that, as a creator, this is when you’re going to know the least about the filming, editing, and optimization process. And that’s OK. Even the most successful creators had to start from the same position.

In fact, it’s an advantage to start when you are the least ready and the least prepared. MrBeast knows new creators spend a long time planning and strategizing the video when you need to just execute and make a video. Forget about what you’re going to do and just do it. Press record, hit upload, and publish the video.

#3 Fail on Purpose.

Fail early and fail often. Let’s be real: when you’re brand new to making YouTube videos, you’re going to fail. You’re going to get videos that get no views. You’re going to get videos that have a low click-through rate. You’re going to have many failures along your way, like trying to film in public but getting interrupted or trying to get the right shot for your video and it just doesn’t work.

When you embrace failure, you essentially take the power out of failing. What I mean by this is, when you give power to failure, it has a hold on you. Essentially, when you fail on purpose, you are inviting failure into your life, and you are making it okay and not such a scary thing. That way, when those failures do happen, everything else doesn’t seem as bad.

#4 Ignore the Noise.

Look at your social media feed. One quick scroll through the platforms will have thousands of pieces of content begging for your attention. That is all noise.

Have you ever gone to YouTube to search for a video that you want to make or for a specific creator that you have in mind, and you want to be able to replicate that style of video? Maybe you’ve watched one, two, or 10 videos, and at the end of it, you end up not making anything. You almost feel like you can’t because there are so many voices inside your head, including, “Do it this way” or, “Oh, make it look this way,” and you lose your own way. Yes, it’s important to use videos as creativity and inspiration but don’t let that control you and stop you from creating what it is that you want to create.

But that’s not the only thing that’s noise. The comment section on YouTube can be a tough place to navigate. You could have 1,000 positive comments, and you get that one negative comment, and it stands out to you, and you think about it for the entire.

# 5 Become an Artist and Analyst.

Filming, scripting, editing, and publishing videos are art. Looking at your click-through rate, your views, and your likes is data analysis.  Become both. 

Become someone who falls in love with the process of making videos, and become someone who falls in love with understanding your analytics. Don’t forget the art and the craft that goes into making a video. But also, don’t forget you need to analyze the data, otherwise, you won’t know what you can improve on.

The most important thing, remember why you started

Remember why you filmed the video. Remember why you edited that video, and remember why you uploaded and decided to publish that video. That’s the magic of everything. If you can become the person who falls in love with the process of making the best possible video ever and also the person who understands the analytic side of making the best possible video ever, that’s the beauty of both. possibly can, all those numbers you’re worried about, all the likes, the views, everything, all of that will take care of itself. Just remember why you started.

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