how to master video editing as a small YouTuber in 2024 using Ai tool.

While often underutilized by brands, YouTube is a great place to reach new audiences and potential customers to continue to build out your social media presence and support your marketing efforts. However, a lot more goes into YouTube than simply recording a video and posting it on the social media platform.

If you want your videos to really pop and get noticed then you’re going to have to do some editing. If you don’t own video editing tools or are new to making videos, you can utilize YouTube Studio, a platform available to all creators, to perform basic editing functions.

Edited, higher-quality videos will allow you to better connect with customers in a variety of ways including on social media platforms, blogs, and websites. Therefore, learning how to edit videos on YouTube is critical to driving traffic to your website and boosting sales.

YouTube video best practices

The goal of YouTube is to produce quality content that entices users to watch your videos. The platform also allows you to create personalized YouTube channels with which you can upload videos, prompt subscribers to follow your channel, and group videos.

As a user, you can also like, comment, and share other YouTube videos. Before learning how to edit videos on YouTube, there are a few best practices you must follow when creating content for the platform.

Third-party video editing tools

While understanding how to edit a video for YouTube Studio, which offers basic functions, some content creators prefer editors with more features. If you want to know how to edit YouTube videos like the pros, this third-party video editing tools can work magic.

In 2024, anyone can upload a video online and get views. But if you want to create professional content that pops, you need to up your game and install some video editing apps or software.

One of the best editing software to use, is no other than the descript software.

Descript allows video and audio editing, all in one place, making it ideal for students.

Descript uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning to take your audio files and give you a highly accurate transcription of that audio in minutes.

Descript is a do-it-all video and audio editor that wants to make the whole process as easy as possible. As such, it’s a useful place for students and educators to begin, or to use ongoing as a helpful tool to create. Descript is probably one of the best solution for video editing, I highly recommend you give it a try, to understand how to use the software better, simply join the descript mastery course today.


Editing on YouTube Studio

At this point, you may be asking, what do YouTubers use to edit their videos? Most YouTubers don’t have access to video editing tools with extensive bells and whistles. Instead, they rely on the YouTube editor, which provides enough functionality to launch quality video content. This brings up the next question you may be wondering, how do you edit YouTube videos for free? YouTube Studio is free software that any content creator can use and is easy to learn how to edit videos on YouTube.

To perform basic video editing for YouTube Studio, follow these guidelines:

Sign in to YouTube Studio: As with many platforms, you must have an account to sign in before you can start editing for YouTube.

Upload a video to the studio: Once on the platform, upload a video into the studio to begin editing.

Trim the beginning and end: The most important basic function when learning how to edit a video for YouTube is to trim the beginning and end. This feature allows you to cut out unwanted frames from filming to ensure the videos are short enough to be viewable.

Trim the middle of the video: This function allows you to trim the middle frames of your video and remove any unnecessary content. The average YouTube video is only viewed between 50% and 60% of its total length, so make sure your videos are relatively short and concise to keep the attention of your viewers.

Blur an object or individual: In many instances, you’ll want to focus your video content on specific individuals, objects, products, components, or visuals. To keep the user’s eye focused on your target, you can blur other objects or people that are the shot.

Categorize content into playlists.

As a best practice, categorize your videos by a relevant identifier to maximize your reach. Also, make sure to utilize embeddable playlists and proper SEO tactics to reach viewers outside of the platform. Next to Google, YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, proving the importance of including keyword and general SEO research in your YouTube editing and posting process.

Discover your rhythm.

To foster growth on YouTube, you must deliver consistent quality video content to viewers. That means you must consider your cast of characters and serialize your content. While you don’t need super-produced content to make it engaging,

it should bring value to your audience by fulfilling a need.
Engage in the community

After achieving the milestone of 1,000 subscribers to your channel, you can utilize community posts to create videos, gifs, images, text, and polls. Also, it’s always important to engage with other related channels to further boost your community standing.

Provide accessibility.

Uploading a .srt caption file or burning the captions directly into the video improves accessibility for viewers. If you don’t choose this route then ensure auto-captions, which are created by YouTube, are selected so every video clip reads correctly.

Select the best thumbnails.

The thumbnail images you select for videos are the first visuals the audience views. Therefore, you must ensure they are eye-catching, relevant, and appealing to your target demographic. Topic titles, scenic shots, or animals are always popular. Also, add large font-to-video thumbnails with topics that could be unclear to viewers at a glance of the image.

Utilize calls to action and tags

Always incorporate critical words into the descriptions and titles of your videos to ensure users can easily find your content when performing searching for relevant topics. One impactful tip is to title your video as a question, which results in some of the best search results. Additionally, add a URL or call to action to the top of your description, which prompts views to click here or access your website. Furthermore, topic tags added to each video will increase your SEO results.

Why you should consider including YouTube in your marketing strategy 2024

Videos influence consumer buying behavior daily and influencers are reaching millions of intrigued buyers with their product or service suggestions. As a result, YouTube is now one of the best methods of reaching new online customers while creating brand awareness.

YouTube also helps customers make purchasing decisions because of actual videos from real satisfied (or unsatisfied) customers who have purchased, tried, and evaluated the product. This means, if you don’t include YouTube in your marketing strategy, you can bet your competitor.

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