How to become an expert video editor in 2024: 5 skills you must ADAPT.

How video editing works and why choosing it.

Video editing is the creative process of manipulating and arranging video material to produce a visually pleasing, and often functional, result. It includes many different kinds of content such as movies, TV shows, video advertisements, etc.

As a video editor, or a soon-to-be one, you might be wondering whether or not this can be a profitable career path. Unsurprisingly, you are not the first person to ask this question.

Fortunately, the internet offers a myriad of ways to connect with people in the video industry and make money editing videos, all from the comfort of your own home.

How to become an expert video editor in 2024

Video editing has opened a wide world of lucrative job opportunities for creative aspirants in the field. With video-sharing platforms, film and entertainment industry tending to take a toll over the current lifestyle, video editors are hugely sought after. But are you done with video editing by simply being able to tell a story aesthetically? 

Even if you are starting out as a video editor or one who is already in the process, there is something you need to keep in mind. What is this big deal? It is that quality video editors are a combination of various skills put together as a whole. 

Let’s make this easy for you. Below we have shared 5 important skills that it takes to become a successful video editor. 

Skill 1: Adapt with Video Editing Tools.

Ultimately, to make a mark as an expert video editor, you need to develop your own unique style. This is not possible unless you are skilled at using the latest video editing software and technologies. Being a pro with your tools will help you get your vision across in the perfect manner. The choice of video editing software depends on what your project demands and where your editing skill stands, a good editing software to start with is DESCRIPT.

Descript is a do-it-all video and audio editor that wants to make the whole process as easy as possible. As such, it’s a useful place for students and educators to begin, or to use ongoing as a helpful tool to create. Descript is probably one of the best solution for video editing, I highly recommend you give it a try, to understand how to use the software more better, simply join the descript mastery course today.


Skill 2: Imagination.

Your business is to assemble video footage, soundtracks with special effects and turn it into a refined individual piece of video that appeals to your audience. To be able to do this in a way that pleases others, you must envision how the final product must look like by creating a mental model. Visualising with this mental model will let you work accurately and easily towards the end result.  Imagination in itself is an art of stitching together unrelated components to create meaning, which is again what video editing is all about. 

Skill 3: Patience.

Video Editing is a tiresome process. There can be a good amount of clips to keep track of. Going back to footage every now and then can be exhausting. If you need to save yourself from getting impatient, then stay organised by naming each file and dividing them into categories. 

Since an immense responsibility rests on your shoulders, you might have tendencies to rush with your work. Sometimes you might have to deal with a difficult client or otherwise wait for your edits to complete rendering. In such instances, not losing your patience is a necessary skill you need to master. 

Skill 4: Communication.

Video Editing is a post-production process which means that you are the last one to work with the efforts put in by different people. Whether TV Studio, Film or online editing excellent communication is required on your part to collaborate with the entire team. If you possess the right communication ability, you catch hold of what directors, sound engineers, cinematographers, actors, or interns wish to add or scrape off from the footage. 

It is equally important to communicate with your prospective clients. They will prefer you if you give them a quick response by making yourself accessible- like responding to emails quickly.

Skill 5:  Multi-Tasking.

A passionate video editor is good at teamwork just the way he is good at working individually. Meeting deadlines are a part of your work because of which you cannot afford to spend too much time on one task. Try to develop a good pace to handle multiple jobs at a go. Ad video editors, you will be expected to have good problem-solving skills and keep calm under pressure. 

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