how to start a video editing business powered by Ai in 2024.

video editing has been transformed by AI tools. The development of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology has improved the effectiveness, accessibility, and intuitiveness of video editing procedures. 

AI-based video editing has revolutionized the way videos are edited, making the process more efficient, accurate, and accessible. Beyond its creative potential, AI-based video editing also presents opportunities to generate income. In this article, we explore various ways to monetize AI-based video editing and leverage the power of automation for financial gain.


From smart video editing software to generative text-to-video apps, there are tools that will help you do whatever you want: be that running your own YouTube channel, creating more engaging content for social media, or repurposing content to keep all your business’s online channels fresh. After a week of testing, here is my picks for the best AI video generators in 2024.


Descript is an AI video editing desktop application that enables you to edit your videos like a text document. No more combing through hours of recordings to find what you want to cut. You’re able to either record with the app or import your video into Descript. After you’ve done that, Descript will create a transcript of your video for you. Using that transcript, you can edit your video by deleting the text you see. We highly recommend you join the descript mastery course today, to learn more about the software.



Video Editing Services:

One of the most direct ways to earn money through AI-based video editing is by offering video editing services to individuals, businesses, or content creators. Position yourself as an expert in AI-powered editing tools and techniques. Offer services such as video trimming, color correction, audio enhancement, transitions, and effects. Utilize AI algorithms to streamline the editing process and deliver high-quality results efficiently. Charge clients based on the complexity of the project, the length of the video, or on a per-project basis.

Customization and Personalization:

Leverage AI-based video editing capabilities to offer customization and personalization services to clients. Tailor videos to meet specific requirements or target audience preferences. Use AI algorithms to automate the process of adapting videos to different formats, aspect ratios, or social media platforms. Offer personalized intros, outros, or overlays. By providing customized video editing solutions, you can command premium rates and attract clients seeking unique and engaging content.

Template Creation and Sale:

Create pre-designed video templates using AI-based video editing tools. Develop templates for various purposes such as advertisements, social media posts, or presentations. Offer these templates for sale on marketplaces or through your own website. Clients can purchase and customize these templates with their own content, saving time and effort in the editing process. Earn income through template sales and updates.

Stock Footage Editing:

Collaborate with stock footage platforms and offer editing services for their video content. Use AI algorithms to quickly and efficiently edit and enhance stock footage, making it more appealing and marketable. Partner with stock footage providers to offer exclusive editing services, ensuring high-quality and visually captivating videos for potential buyers. Earn revenue through licensing agreements or revenue-sharing models.

Training and Tutorials:

Leverage your expertise in AI-based video editing to offer training and tutorials to aspiring editors or content creators. Develop online courses, video tutorials, or live workshops that teach the techniques and best practices of AI-powered editing. Cover topics such as automated editing tools, AI-driven effects, or efficient workflow integration. Monetize your knowledge by charging course fees, offering premium content, or providing one-on-one coaching sessions.

Video Enhancement and Restoration:

Utilize AI-based video editing tools to enhance and restore old or low-quality videos. Offer video restoration services to individuals, archives, or businesses looking to revive and preserve valuable footage. Use AI algorithms to reduce noise, enhance colors, stabilize shaky footage, or upscale resolution. Position yourself as an expert in video enhancement and restoration, charging clients based on the complexity and duration of the project.

Collaboration with Content Creators:

Collaborate with content creators, YouTubers, or social media influencers who require video editing support. Offer your services as an AI-based video editor, helping them streamline their editing process, improve visual aesthetics, or maintain consistent branding. Form long-term collaborations or revenue-sharing agreements with content creators, providing a stable source of income.

AI Plugin Development:

If you have programming or software development skills, consider creating AI plugins or extensions for popular video editing software. Develop innovative features, automation scripts, or AI-driven effects that enhance the editing capabilities of existing software. Offer these plugins as premium add-ons or sell them separately, providing additional value to video editors and content creators.


AI tools have changed the video editing scene and are beneficial to both experienced editors and newcomers. By automating activities, making wise recommendations, and producing lifelike visual effects, these technologies improve editing. They allow editors to concentrate on the creative aspects while saving time, increasing productivity, and improving video quality. The usability and accessibility of AI technologies make video editing more approachable for people with different degrees of competence. If you wish to master AI and scale up in your AI career, you should enroll in Caltech Post Graduate Program In AI And Machine Learning today!

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