Experts way of getting free crypto online in 2024: a step by step process

There’s no free meal, but in this case, we can call it “free crypto” since the plan is to earn cryptocurrencies without any other investment but only our free time am not talking about crypto mining apps. There are literally legit ways to earn free crypto online without spending many hours of your time, without further Ado let’s jump right in.

Crypto has the potential to grow in value over time. Bitcoin, perhaps the best-known currency, is currently valued at over $28,000 but was worth $3,000 just a few years ago. Imagine what your investment would look like if you could earn free crypto and hold it for a while, well in 2024 it’s very possible, here is how to EARN…


Crypto giveaways offer a great way to obtain free digital tokens. They are many different ways to earn free crypto in various formats in the space and the giveaways often allow investors to gain exposure to emerging crypto project, binance crypto exchange offers a lot of crypto giveaways.

well binance is doing a crypto giveaway currently and I just got my own piece of the cake over $200 worth of BNB token for absolutely Free, but you can still claim yours today, here is how you can participate.


Step 1: put your BNB wallet address, in other to receive the BNB reward.

Step 2: share to 5 friends, you need to invite your friends to join the giveaway

Step 3: Withdraw BNB, at this point for you to get the free BNB you must “verify” by completing a simple survey or a sign up it depends on your region, the purpose of doing this is to actually know if you’re a human or robot, once done successfully you will get the BNB reward instantly to your crypto wallet.


To increase your chance getting the BNB reward I advise you should also join their what’sapp community.


# Look for a Signup Bonus

Just like banks offer bonuses for opening an account, many exchanges entice you with free crypto. Check out the following:

Gemini: Offers $15 in crypto of your choice when you refer a friend and they trade at least $100 in the first month after signup.

Coinbase: Earn $5 in BTC when you sign up and buy any crypto.

If you go for a sign up bonus, make sure to read the fine print. You’ll likely need to make some trades before the sign up bonus hits your account.

# Move-To-Earn

You could keep fit and earn free crypto. Move-to-earn platforms pay out crypto for moving — exercise, walking and running could all qualify.

Coin Hunt World is similar to Pokemon Go. You’ll need to walk, ride a bike or run around and open boxes, collect keys and more to earn bitcoin and ethereum for free. Step App counts your steps when you run, jog or walk to pay out tokens. Plus, you can compete against other users worldwide.

# Add a Rewards Web Browser

If you tend to spend time surfing the web, you could earn free crypto simply for browsing. Install the Brave browser to receive tokens for everyday activities. In addition, the platform claims it’s private, removing ads and trackers from websites you visit but giving you the option to view Brave-approved content instead.

# Get a Crypto Credit Card

A crypto-rewards credit card is similar to a standard cash-back credit card. But instead of earning cash back on every purchase you make, you can earn crypto. Depending on the credit card, you might earn bitcoin or another type of cryptocurrency.

A few credit cards that offer crypto rewards include the Gemini credit card and the Brex credit card. Both allow you to earn cryptocurrency as you make purchases with a credit card. This strategy offers a relatively low maintenance way to build your crypto portfolio.

# Become a Crypto Lender

If you already have some cryptocurrency, you can use those funds to generate more cryptocurrency through peer-to-peer lending.

Many platforms offer the opportunity of peer-to-peer lending in the form of crypto. But as with all peer-to-peer lending options, it’s critical to confirm the borrower can repay the funds before you finalize a loan. Carefully research the platform and inspect the borrower’s credentials before finalizing a loan.

# Open a Crypto Savings Account

Tucking your existing crypto into a special savings account can give you an opportunity to earn interest on your crypto savings. Essentially, this works like a regular savings account. But instead of earning interest in traditional currency, you’ll earn interest on your crypto in the form of more crypto.

In most cases, crypto savings accounts come with better interest rates than traditional savings accounts. But as with other types of savings accounts, it’s helpful to shop around to ensure you are locking in the best deal for your situation.

# Find a Free NFT Giveaway

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are digital assets or artwork that have been encrypted on the blockchain network. The hype around NFTs has made them incredibly popular and expensive. Although NFTs are not technically cryptocurrencies, you can trade your NFTs and get popular crypto for free.

Many crypto trading platforms or new crypto projects offer NFT giveaways. All you have to do is follow their Discord channel or Twitter and if you are lucky, you might win free NFTs as a part of their promotional campaigns.

# Try Cloud Mining

If you are willing to try a more technical option, cloud mining offers a potential way to earn crypto for free. Essentially, cloud mining offers a chance to earn free crypto without purchasing specialized computing equipment. Instead, you’ll commit a minimum investment for a cloud mining website to mine for you.

After you invest some funds, you’ll earn a portion of the revenue generated from the mining activity. It’s a relatively passive way to earn crypto. But you’ll need to have some funds to invest upfront in order to enjoy the passive stream of crypto.

# Try Yield Farming

Yield farming offers an opportunity to earn interest on your existing crypto holdings. Essentially, yield farming involves lending out your cryptocurrency in exchange for a fee. But unlike some of the more passive ways of earning crypto, yield farming requires more active involvement from the investor. In fact, you’ll likely need to move your funds around almost constantly to tap into the most lucrative yield opportunities.

The risk of yield farming is that it can get relatively complicated quickly. If you don’t understand the rules of the investment game, then it’s easy to lose crypto through yield farming. Additionally, successful yield farming requires a relatively stable coin that can maintain its value over time. If the coin rapidly loses value, then you could miss out on the opportunity to sell at the right moment.


If you’re just getting started with crypto or you’d like to earn free tokens simply for doing everyday activities, there are plenty of options available to grow a cryptocurrency portfolio. All you need to do is invest some time consistently to start earning.

As you build your crypto holdings, you’ll find more opportunities to put your existing crypto to work in an effort to earn more crypto. Like other types of investing, the world of crypto comes with a learning curve. Take your time to learn the basics of crypto as you wade into this volatile market.

Thanks for reading.

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