Earn free crypto like Coinbase (2024): get BNB coin for absolutely free.

Are you looking for ways to join the world of cryptocurrencies? For free? Read on and learn where and how to get free cryptocurrency to start your digital financial journey on the cryptocurrency market this Year 2024

How To Get Free Cryptocurrency today.

Right now, cryptocurrency is all the rage, with different virtual currencies floating in the market. People want to get into cryptocurrencies and the adaptation increases from day to day. 

However, the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies ensured their increasingly expensive costs. 

What if I tell you that you can get cryptocurrency for free? Even from the comfort of your home. Here are several ways to get free crypto, before revealing these secrets I would like to share a quick crypto update with you. it’s a free crypto giveaway, well I participated and have gotten my own share of the free crypto, over $200 worth of BNB-TOKEN, here is how to join and earn today.



Step 1: put your BNB wallet address, in other to receive the BNB reward.

Step 2: share to 5 friends, you need to invite your friends to join the giveaway

Step 3: Withdraw BNB, at this point for you to get the free BNB you must “verify” by completing a simple survey or a sign up it depends on your region, the purpose of doing this is to actually know if you’re a human or robot, once done successfully you will get the BNB reward instantly to your crypto wallet.


To increase your chance in getting the BNB reward I advise you should also join their what’sapp community.


So hurry now to claim your’s before it gets late, with that been said here is are several ways to earn free crypto like Coinbase.

1) Use Coinbase Earn

Coinbase is one of the biggest cryptocurrency platforms in the world. They’re the place to go if you want to easily trade your cryptocurrencies. 

They also have their Coinbase Earn section, where you can earn free cryptocurrency while watching videos about the specific cryptocurrency. These videos are generally a minute long; within five minutes, you can earn $20+ in free crypto. 

I’ve used Coinbase Earn for 10+ cryptocurrencies, allowing me to earn hundreds of dollars in free cryptocurrencies.

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2. Crypto Airdrops

Developers and trading platforms use airdrops, where they give out free coins to increase awareness of their new crypto projects. The airdrops may also be rewarded for promoting a coin through a blog, social media post, or referral to other crypto holders. 

To benefit from an airdrop, you may need to complete tasks such as:

Signing up for the newsletter of a project

Joining a Telegram group or a Discord server

Following their social media account

Share about the project on social media

Remember that there are airdrop scams and other projects that will not take off. You can find the latest airdrops on sites like or CoinMarketCap’s exclusive airdrop page.

3. Get Free Stocks & Exchange Them

When you want to get more creative in getting free crypto, you can also use the welcome bonuses from stockbrokers. Many of them are also trading in cryptocurrencies on their platform.

So, you would enroll in the platform to get free stocks, sell these, and buy crypto from the proceeds instead.

7. Get Free Cryptocurrency With Staking

Staking works like mining. However, with mining, people actively compete to add the block to the blockchain and get crypto rewards. With staking, the coins are put in a crypto stack where you hold them. 

8. Yield Farming

Yield farming is another way to earn rewards in crypto, and it involves holding cryptos and investing in a lending protocol. In return, you get paid interest in cryptos, similar to treasury bills and bonds where you lend institutions money. 

However, in cryptos, there are certain risks, like the value of the cryptocurrency going down. But if you understand the market well and how it works, it can be a great way of earning free cryptos.

Conclusion – A Whole New Crypto World

With this brief guide on the basics of cryptocurrencies, information about the different virtual currency platforms, and tips on where and how to get free crypto, you are on your way to exploring a whole new digital financial world. 

Like in traditional money-making transactions, we need to continue learning and applying our insights to increase our digital assets and reach our financial goals. Let’s keep up with the times with cryptocurrencies!

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