5 Clever Ways To Boost Your Crypto EARNINGS 10X BIGGER IN 2024: for totally free.

A week ago, a friend asked me, “voorhees, how do I grow my crypto portfolio?”. He began his crypto journey during the bear run last year and made some cool cash from the recent pumps, so he wanted to know how he could further grow his portfolio.

A lot of crypto holders have asked this question at some point.

In this blog post, you’ll learn different ways to make the best out of your cryptocurrency assets and grow your crypto portfolio.

1. Airdrops

As a beginner, airdrops are one of the best ways to grow your cryptocurrency portfolio.

A cryptocurrency airdrop is a marketing strategy where small amounts of new coins or tokens are sent to the wallets of active blockchain community members for free or in return for a small service.

Some of these services can be as simple as retweeting a post shared by the company issuing the token, following them on their social media platforms, creating an account or other minimal promotional tasks, luckily for you I found a free crypto giveaway happening live, over $200 worth of BNB token to be won, it’s available for all country, I have received mine hurry now before it gets late…

Here is a simple step guide on how you can participate in the BNB giveaway and claim yours today.


Step 1: put your BNB wallet address, in other to receive the BNB reward.

Step 2: share to 5 friends, you need to invite your friends to join the giveaway.

Step 3: Withdraw BNB, at this point for you to get the free BNB you must “verify” by completing a simple survey or a sign up it depends on your region, the purpose of doing this is to actually know if you’re a human or robot, once done successfully you will get the BNB reward instantly to your crypto wallet.


To increase your chance in getting the BNB reward I advise you should also join their what’sapp community.


The best thing about airdrops is that they are free. We’ve shared more about airdrops before. You can learn more about airdrops and how to get them here.

2. Staking

Staking is another great way to grow your crypto portfolio without spending a dime. Some cryptocurrencies can be staked to get paid.

In simple terms, crypto staking is getting rewarded for holding certain crypto assets. Investment opportunities don’t come easier than this.

In crypto staking, cryptocurrency holders volunteer to take part in validating transactions on the blockchain. That is, they check that the ledger all adds up. This is done by computers in the blockchain network via third-party staking services.

All you have to do is stake a particular amount of any “stake-able” coin, and you get interest rates on the staked coin.

3. Portfolio diversification

There’s a saying that goes “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”.

This couldn’t be more true in the crypto world. Diversification of your crypto portfolio is an excellent way to grow it. It involves investing in different crypto assets to increase the chances of higher returns.

Because there are a lot of crypto assets, diversification makes sense as long as you properly do your research.

As a general rule of thumb, solid altcoins often do well when BTC does well. Diversifying allows you to enjoy the maximum potential of cryptocurrencies.

4. Annual Percentage Yield

Did you know you can invest your crypto and get consistent and daily returns?

Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is the amount of money received as interest on an investment over a year period. Unlike airdrops and other ways that require you first to perform tasks, APY makes your crypto do the work for you. You basically do nothing.

Busha Yield is an example of an APY where you receive 7.5% of the amount of crypto invested yearly. But you receive this return on a daily basis. If you (or anyone you know) are looking to grow your crypto portfolio, protected from the market dips. Busha Yield is the safest and most reliable way to grow your portfolio.

5. Crypto savings accounts

An additional method of earning passive income within the crypto space is by using crypto savings accounts. These are similar accounts to the ones offered by traditional banks. However, these ones are available on crypto exchanges — centralized exchanges, to be precise. Apart from exchanges, there may also be other specialized platforms that offer such services.

Crypto savings accounts are simply interest-bearing accounts for cryptocurrencies. The platforms allow you to deposit your money into an account, and in return you’ll earn interest based on the amount you deposited. Meanwhile, they use your money for various purposes. The platform might act as a liquidity pool, a lending platform, or something similar. For traders, it is important that their funds are safe and that they will grow in time.

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