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Ripple is one of the first projects in DLT which focused exclusively on the financial world. This made one of the firsts projects to work on Decentralized Finance (DeFi) before the term was coined. This has made it one of the most innovative projects out there and has a head start over all the new ones. More and more people get involved in getting free Ripple.

XRP is the crypto coin of Ripple. It is one of the best performing large market capitalization coins in the market. This means that there are no wild moves in the price of XRP, but the price remains low.

These properties are very attractive for investors and crypto beginners alike. That is why, in this article, we will look at the best ways to earn free XRP .

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This young, anonymous company based only in / 2019 relies on Russia. The company offers pay-per-click, pay-per-surf and pay-per-click advertising services. Members earn through direct or indirect referrals. AdXRP acts as an organizer between buyers and advertisers. Ripple pays only on XRP currencies and is traded on “Free Ripple XRP Online, Mostly Bitcoin Sites to View Web Content”.

How does AdXRP work? On average it gets 100 satoshi (0.00035000 XRP) per ad, then the online site delivers 55+ ads per day, which can go up to thousands of satoshi per click. Members have the opportunity to autosurf the unique sites where the surf may have around 35000 satoshi. If you calculate that a person will read all the sites and use the autosurf capability, you will earn about 0.5 XRP per day. Paying to click will generate up to seven referral browsers, however you may have the option to sell or buy your active referrals. AdXRP pays 0.5 XRP directly into your wallet.


2. (Free Ripple XRP)

On this website, you just need to fill in the captcha and click the roll button to highlight your free ripples XRP coins. The amount of free ripple XRP you receive depends on how much you simply roll over and pay into the payment.

You have to play every hour to win the free ripple XRP every time.

Claim every 60 minutes Minimum claim 0.001 XRP Immediate withdrawal to any XRP wallet address you can earn up to 1028 XRP per hour

Hi-Low Multiplication Game + Lottery Free Rolls (earn XRP by visiting links) Free Cloud Mining + Free faucets)

3. Make an Investment

Supports current forecasts, most people in the business agree that the value of the ripple could go up to ten years with the $ 200- $ 300 goal. If the token price is low, anyone with an alternative budget can contribute to the ripple, which means XRP offers an honest investment opportunity. If the value decreases, you may always be willing to add to your position. Ripple transactions are much faster and cheaper than Bitcoin network offers.


EOBOT is a cloud mining service that has been operating since 2013. The reviews about this service are excellent, so this service is completely legitimate. Otherwise, there is a lot of information about this online, and you will Google yourself for information. The main thing is that there is no need to deposit money, because the ‘tube’ allows to emphasize the daily rewards, and there is no need to keep the computer switch day and night.

After registration. Go to Products – Tap.You will get some free coins from Tap. Go to Transfer from Account Page. Exchange currencies for GHS. That’s it! Now any coin you want is mine, repeat it daily to extend your mining speed and earnings.


To get your free ripple (XRP), you should try registering an account in passive-empire, responding to some paid surveys, watch videos or offer full offers, and quickly recover your points for ripple. We will send XRP to your Coinbase account immediately and with zero charges.

6. Airdrop

980,000,000 XRP Sent to Claim Spark Tokens As Four Exchanges Announce Support for Upcoming Airdrop

If you’re in self-defense, the strategy of requesting a spark token is to line the message key field in your XRP ledger address to your flair address. If your XRPs are on a subsidiary exchange, they’ll handle the claim process and delivery for you. If you’re in self-custody, your spark tokens are going to be initiated by a group of smart contracts operating on the Flare Network or are issued upon registration of your request from the Network XRPL course. If you retain your XRP on a subsidiary exchange, they’ll issue spark tokens to your account in exchange.

7. Pay-to-click Sites

These are sites that present to the user a series of promotional campaigns that the person must click. Each time a person clicks on an ad, the site deposits XRP on their registered wallet. They function much in the same way as faucets and are a spin-off of the concept.

Of course, the number of ads a person can look at in a day is limited to a certain amount. The number varies, but it usually is between 50 to 60 ads in a day. The rewards per ad generally hover around 0.00035000 XRP per account generated.

Now, the ads shown to the person are decided by the website, it can be anything from razors, Tv. Shows, clothing, but also for adult entertainment or gambling. So be aware that you have no control over what will be presented to you as a user.

8. Affiliate marketing

Both of the previous examples have an affiliate marketing component. Additionally, to get XRP from faucets and pay-to-click websites, users are rewarded with XRP coins if they bring more people to the platform.

Faucets do it to increase the distribution of Ripple and the XRP coin. Pay-to-click websites do it to increase traffic to their pages and get more ad campaigns.

Besides those two examples, there are other types of businesses that offer affiliate marketing opportunities. There are exchanges, such as Remitano, which offer affiliate programs. Projects are looking to get new users and many other different possibilities.

9. Ripple airdrops

Ripple tends to do many XRP airdrops every year. These are promotional events where holders of the XRP coin are given more XRP for free. Also, building on the Ripple network does airdrops of their tokens to those holding the Ripple leading coin.

These events are very profitable as there is no other requirement than to have some XRP in a wallet. Of course, these are also random, and there is no way to know how many will happen in a given year.

Yet, because these projects aim to get as many adopters as possible, airdrops tend to give many coins to those registered. Signing up for one in time can be among the most profitable ways to get coins. That is why it pays to be aware of when one will happen and be ready before it does.

10. Complete surveys

Another popular way to earn free XRP is to complete surveys online. It is hard to get people to do a study for free, but it is also hard to pay them as bank transfers for small amounts of money can become very expensive. Before the inventions of cryptocurrencies, it seemed wasteful to pay people for surveys.

All this changed with the introduction of Bitcoin and especially 2nd generation cryptocurrencies. Ripple is an excellent example of this use case since the transaction fee in the XRP networks is around 20 cents of a US dollar. This low price has made it one of the most used distributed ledgers to pay up rewards for small tasks.

But what are these surveys based on? Well, typically, the platform will ask you to watch a short video where a 3rd party explains how their service or product works. Then, you are asked to do the survey based on the information presented in that video. This is why this method is available to anyone from anywhere, as you don’t need personal access to what is being sold to do the survey.

Some drawbacks of this method are the following. Surveys are only useful if several unique persons answer them, so each survey is restricted to one reward per user. Additionally, survey campaigns are not something that happens year-round. There are seasons where more are available, such as the end of the year during the holidays. This means surveys are not a recurrent method as our previous entries.

Ready to Get Free Ripple?

Ripple and their coin XRP are among the biggest distributed ledgers on the market. They have been around for a while and have many projects and use cases already in operations. This makes XRP one of the best crypto coins to invest in like all the time news and exciting projects are happening on Ripple.

As the Ripple network evolves, the price of XRP will go up and make it more expensive to the regular public. Right now is the time to get on board the project and multiply your profits in the future.





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