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What Is Fetch.AI Exactly?

Launched in February 2019 as yet another project on the Binance Launchpad, Fetch.AI is a poster child for the technology convergence at the dawn of the fourth industrial revolution. The project emerged as a fusion of two technologies often mentioned in the same breath today – artificial technology (AI) and the blockchain. The idea was born out of the desire to decentralize AI-based systems which are now being increasingly adopted in the form of digital assistants, such as Google’s Home Hub. The Fetch.AI team believe in the vision that the provision of various assisted services does not have to entail the free provision of user-focused data to the increasingly information-hungry companies that want to monopolize this process.

The story of Fetch starts with the establishment of the UK-based startup which emerged in early 2017 after the companies Itzme AI and uVue decided to join forces. The project was picked up by the Binance Launchpad platform which helped organize the token sale, raising USD 6 million in a span of some 10 seconds. The platform’s native FET token is its utility token which was issued on Ethereum for this purpose.

What Is Fetch.AI Trying to Achieve in the Crypto sector.

Fetch.AI is promoted as the building block of the future decentralized digital data marketplaces. Based on this concept, the majority of the real-life tasks burdening the Fetch.AI users will be actually performed by the so-called autonomous software agents powered by AI technology. In addition, the agents are supposed to streamline the utilization of user-generated data.

  • Fetch.AI aims to replace centralized systems tasked with taking care of tasks ranging from data delivery to the provision of everyday services such as hotel room booking. The Fetch developers see an open decentralized system such as theirs as being better positioned for cooperation in the emerging machine-based economy. Their software-based “agents” act as digital entities capable of making autonomous transactions and representing themselves, their devices, services they perform or individual users. Despite not being previously exposed to diverse challenges, the digital agents will be able to utilize AI to engage in decision-making processes both for themselves and on behalf of the Fetch.AI users. These users will be recruited among the individuals, companies and governmental bodies, while the range of tasks the agents can perform is virtually limitless, from checking the availability of flight tickets to developing weather models or supply chain optimization.
  • Fetch.AI wants to establish an Open Economic Framework (OEF) as en ecosystem in which the agents and digital data interact while delivering top performance at a lower cost. Adequate utilization of the user-generated data is one of the priority tasks in the Fetch’s digital economy model. Its Open Economic Framework should allow for making the data created by the Internet-of-things (IoT) devices a commodity which can be sold based on the fact that its agents will reside in each of these devices. For example, a Fetch agent can detect weather conditions by being connected to the vehicle’s windscreen wiper and forward that information to the digital ecosystem with the goal of easing the delivery of appropriate services relevant to that information. Fetch’s autonomous agents thus become valuable to those who need their data, without being necessarily aware of it. As the agents become representatives of diverse data, devices and services, they are turned into useful tools for a host of data analysts and market experts looking forward to improving the delivery of various services.
  • Fetch.AI and its FET token reduce the need for having human or corporate intermediaries control the access to the hub of knowledge created by the digital datasphere. With the help of machine learning technology linking the ledger with the agents in the field, the data which was previously considered to be of no economic value can now become the foundation of the emerging industries. Freed from the meddling of the intermediaries, both the data and devices which exist on the Fetch.AI platform can now “sell” themselves independently, powered by Fetch Tokens (FET). These tokens function as a digital currency for the transactional and communication operations taking place on it. Agents and nodes that want to perform tasks related to the network operations (such as security) will be able to use FET tokens as the sources of refundable deposits.

Tips for Securing Free Fetch.AI rewards

Unlocking free rewards with Fetch.AI is an exciting journey filled with opportunities for savvy cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Here are some valuable tips to help you secure those coveted rewards without breaking a sweat:

  1. Participate in Airdrops: Keep a keen eye on Fetch.AI’s official announcements regarding airdrop events. These events often offer free tokens to participants as a way to promote the project and increase community engagement. Stay tuned to Fetch.AI’s social media channels and community forums to stay updated on upcoming airdrop opportunities.
  2. Engage in Staking: Consider staking your Fetch.AI tokens to earn rewards. Staking involves locking up your tokens in a smart contract to support the network’s operations. In return, you receive rewards in the form of additional Fetch.AI tokens. Research different staking platforms and choose one that aligns with your investment goals and risk tolerance.
  3. Participate in Community Activities: Get involved in Fetch.AI’s vibrant community by participating in various activities such as contests, quizzes, and social media campaigns. Many projects offer rewards to community members who actively engage and contribute valuable insights. Keep an eye out for community-driven initiatives where you can earn free Fetch.AI tokens for your participation.
  4. Refer Friends: Leverage Fetch.AI’s referral programs to earn rewards by referring new users to the platform. Share your unique referral link with friends, family, and acquaintances, and encourage them to join Fetch.AI. When they sign up or complete certain actions using your referral link, you’ll earn rewards in the form of Fetch.AI tokens.
  5. Stay Informed: Stay updated on Fetch.AI’s latest developments, partnerships, and announcements. Being informed about the project’s progress and upcoming initiatives can help you identify opportunities to earn free rewards. Follow Fetch.AI’s official channels, join their community forums, and subscribe to their newsletter to stay in the loop.

By following these tips and actively participating in Fetch.AI’s ecosystem, you can maximize your chances of securing free rewards while contributing to the project’s growth and success. Happy earning! (FET) Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2030

The prevailing market sentiment has significantly impacted various tokens, causing their values to decline and rendering some completely worthless. However, some individuals view this as an opportunity to acquire their preferred tokens at a lower price in anticipation of the next bull run. (FET) peaked during the 2021 bull market cycle but has since decreased in value by over 80%. Despite this decline, numerous crypto experts, technical analysts, and long-term investors believe this presents an opportunity to expand their investment portfolios before the commencement of the next trend. Will (FET) token’s value rise in the future? Is a good long-term investment? Let’s find it out in our (FET) price prediction for 2024 and beyond.

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