How to receive Bitcoin Donation: knowing the best source.

Charities were among the first to start accepting cryptocurrencies. The number of non-profit organizations that accept donations in cryptocurrency is constantly growing. It is not surprising because crypto donations allow you to organize a really effective, transparent, and secure fundraising. Today, crypto donations are not the exclusive province for only non-profits but also bloggers, streamers, and others. Learn how to easily organize the collection of Bitcoin donations on your social media in our article.

Benefits of accepting crypto donations as non profit organizations

Crypto donations bring a unique set of benefits to the world of nonprofits. Crypto users are younger, technically savvy, passionate and some have amassed a great deal of wealth from trading and holding cryptocurrencies

Receive more donations, pay less fees

Accepting crypto donations as a nonprofit means that more of a donor’s gift goes straight to the cause. If donated via a crypto payment processor, nonprofit organizations will typically pay a 1-2% fee on donations, much lower than that charged by credit card processors. Additionally, crypto donations are tax deductible similar to appreciated assets like stocks. Donors can donate crypto directly instead of selling assets and donating the sale price less taxes.

How to accept crypto donations as a nonprofit organization

A nonprofit organization will typically have two ways to accept crypto donations:

Hands-off: Leveraging a crypto payment processor like Now payment to accept crypto on its behalf and convert crypto donations to cash for a small fee.

Hands-on: Receiving and holding cryptocurrency in a crypto wallet controlled by the organization.

Third-party plugins and platforms: Plugins and integrations are an easy way to get started, especially if they integrate with your current nonprofit organization system.

Where can I place tools to receive donations? 

Personal website or blog. Monetize your hobby — provide your audience with an extra way to support you! For some of your followers, crypto might be the most convenient way of donating. 

Any platform where you stream games, music, or anything else. Install a cryptocurrency donation button on Twitch, or share a link on any other service: Facebook, YouTube, etc. Implementing a donation button on YouTube is way more challenging than a donation button on the website — something for us to work at.

Open-source project or service. If you’re creating a cool project for the good of any community, accepting Bitcoin donations is not only a way of raising money for your goal but also an opportunity to get even more evidence that people value what you do. More money, more motivation! 

Fundraiser. You’ve got a great idea that will change the world, and now you need some money to work it through. Let your supporters help you out! 

Now, if you’re already familiar with crypto, you can skip the next paragraph. But if you’re reading this and asking yourself — “Why would even bother myself dealing with this weird type of money?”, we will now try to explain why the cryptocurrency is worth your attention.  

Leveraging a crypto payment processor

With a hands-off approach, companies leverage a crypto payment processor like now payment to accept donations on their behalf and settle payment in fiat currency. All technical steps of creating a wallet are handled by the third party, as well as any compliance or regulation details. It is many times the fastest and easiest way to accept donations from a crypto wallet.

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